Is it Worth Considering A Tyre Recycling Plant for Business

The tyre recycling plant plays an important part in reusing waste tyres. An ideal report on this recycling project will give you a fair idea on how to use worn out tyres to clean the environment and earn money in the process. A lot of businesses have already installed this equipment and are making substantial profits on their investment. All it takes is a little bit of investment and hard work on your part to start this tyre recycling plant. You don’t have to worry about raw materials for the process. Waste, worn out tyres and rubbers are readily available. By tapping these wastes, you can start the tyre recycling machine within a matter of a few days.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Uganda

Tire Recycling Process

Before you head out to buy the plant, let’s get familiar with the process of tyre recycling. First of all, waste rubber and tyres are brought to the recycling or pyrolysis plant. Since all these wastes are in wet condition, they’re passed through the drying system. The moisture content in the materials hampers the pyrolysis process. To do away with this issue, the materials are dried.

After drying, the materials are channelized into the pyrolysis furnace. It’s here the actual process takes place. The furnace is heated to a very high temperature. At a high-temperature rubber and waste tyres decompose to generate other products.

Unique Design of Tyre Recycling Equipment from Beston

In order to ascertain profitability for each type of client, Beston, as a top tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer, has presented two types of pyrolysis reactors with exclusive operating structures. The first type of reactor comes with a fixed furnace, whereas the other one includes a rotating furnace. Let’s check each of these reactors briefly.

Rotary pyrolysis reactor

The rotary reactor needs very little space for operation. Moreover, it rotates 360 degrees to distribute uniform heat, thus enhancing the efficiency of the pyrolysis process. Also, uniform heating extend the life expectancy of the machine. Finally, a rotary reactor has a powerful adaption and features a simple structure. That’s why it’s ideal for small scale businesses.

Rotary Pyrolysis Reactor

Rotary Pyrolysis Reactor

Fixed pyrolysis reactor

The fixed reactor keeps running 24 hours. As such, it’s also known as a completely continuous plant. The plant works much more efficiently and supports heat energy on itself, thus minimizing energy consumption as well as cost. It’s mostly suited to large scale businesses.

Now that you’re acquainted with the tyre recycling process, you may want to know whether the plant is worth investment. For that, you ought to review the perks and benefits demonstrated by the plant in accordance with the below parameters.

Cheap raw materials

One big problem associated with heavy duty plants is the constant feeding of raw materials. An uninterrupted flow of materials in the production process warrants a big investment. However, the waste tire recycling equipment consumes cheap raw materials such as rubber and tyre wastes. These materials are readily available out there. Consequently, your ongoing investment in raw materials is less.

Less space

Any heavy duty machine needs substantial space for operation. Investing in a big shed can increase your investment to a great extent. However, the tire recycling machine takes up little space. Also, storing materials and finished products warrant less space. You can start the whole recycling project in a small factory shed without worrying about too much investment.

Rich useful final products

The pyrolysis plant can generate steel wire, fuel oil, carbon black, and gas. All such products have higher commercial values and usage in various markets. For example, gas and fuel oil can be used for powering factories and plants. Carbon black can be transformed into carbon blocks that can be used at construction sites. Steel wire, being widely used, can fetch you big money.

Minimal care and attention

Looking after a heavy duty machine is important to spot any fault in the production process. For that, you need to employ technicians. Also, the parts of the machine should be replaced. All these things can affect your working capital and cost. However, Beston Machinery’s tyre to oil plant needs minimum care and upkeep. Once installed, the machine and its components work effectively without posing any problem.

Final Words

The tyre recycling plant from Beston Machinery is a highly recommendable machine for using waste tyres and rubbers. Low investment, low maintenance, enhanced safety, and better profitability are the wonderful benefits of buying this innovative recycling plant. Considering the cost-benefit ratio, the machine is definitely worth installing for its varied benefits.