More Details About Egg Tray Machine Price


The egg tray machine is one of the reference thing investors will like to look at before they buy the machine. To most of them, this will help them in making major decisions concerning their investment. Over many centuries now Beston Company has been the leading egg tray producers in various
countries. The company is based in China but it is able to provide the best deals concerning the egg tray machine price to their customers.

In most cases, the egg tray machine in most places is low because there is the availability of raw materials and cheap labor. It is from this that the Beston Company has set the machine to be lower so that most prospective customers can afford it. The low price does not mean that the quality of the output is low, no. The quality of the machine is high because the company has installed it with modern technology.

Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Factors that determine the price of the egg tray machine

The shipping expenses

Whenever you buy the machine you need to look at where the company is, do they offer free shipping or you are supposed to pay for it. The free shipping will help in saving the money you use in buying the egg tray making machine. With Beston, they have shipping professional and experience and I am sure that your purchase with them will be pleasant.

The type of egg tray making machine you want

There are various types of tray machine and the price varies from one to another. For instance, the price of a lesser egg tray making machine is lower when compared to that of mini- automatic making machine and the automatic one. You need to look at the project you have before you buy it. If for example you have a long term project and you will like many trays then it will be ideal if you will prefer that of automatic type.

The measure and egg making machine

Scale here is to spell out the amount of patterns that you will need your tray to have. This is one of the first things that determine the price of the machine. Beston has got around 10 various models in which the customer can choose from. Some of the models include

·1 sided tray type of machine

·4 sided egg tray machine

·8 sided egg tray type of machine

·12 sided tray making machine

This is the major molds and the price of each of them is based on the molds it is able to make. If you will compare you will find out that the price of 12 sided tray type is somehow higher when compared to that of 8,4 and one-sided tray. With it, it has got a greater and effective output and hence the price is somehow higher. As a have said you need to know or understand the need for your project and the effectiveness you want from the machine before you buy it.


paper egg trays

The mechanization and machine price

Other than the size of the machine, the automation of the machine also plays a great role in the machine price. To be honest, the machine that uses or has got a higher automatic system will have a higher price compared to that does not have it. The advantage of this automatic egg tray is that its output is effective and it is able to cut the cost that might be used in terms of labor and maintenance. The point here is that the technology that has been installed with a self-program that is able to monitor the working process.

Scheme and machine price

The design of the machine is also crucial. This is because it is able to affect the molds that are made. There are those that are able to make different pulps trays like apple trays, egg trays among others.Due to the various technologies that have been applied to the various designs, the price of them will vary from one another.


The price of the machine depends on various factors. It is from these factors that determine the price of it. With Beston, you are assured of an automatic egg tray making machine that has got a higher working rate. Its output will also be of high quality. Before you buy the machine always consider these factors and try to determine whether it will meet your needs.

Wide Applications Of Paper Pulp Molding Machine

A paper pulp molding machine has numerous applications. Paper pulping equipment can recycle agricultural wastes and waste paper products into a variety of pulp products, the most common being paper egg trays. Other uses for these pulp products include packaging for many different types of fruits like apples and for use as bottle holders, cup holders, and shoe trays.

Various Pulp Molded Products

Today there are several different egg tray machine models for sale with hourly outputs that range from 1000 to 6000 pieces. As a qualified manufacturer of pulp molding machines, we have also developed a comprehensive pulp molding production line that can be customized to order. We also supply customers with apple tray machines and shoe tray making machines and if you are interested in producing other pulp products like bottle trays, milk carton trays, nursery seedling trays, etc. are qualified experts are able to assist you with specific business solutions for a pulp tray manufacturing business particularly geared towards your individual requirements.

Seedling Tray Making Machine

Seedling Tray Making Machine in China

During years of experience in the manufacture of egg tray machines, Beston Machinery has managed to develop advanced technology and have put together a team of highly qualified technicians to design the best automatic pulp molding equipment on the market. With an automatic pulp molding machine, the entire production line becomes simple to operate and highly effective.

A variety of dismountable pulp molding dies have been designed to produce a number of different types of products using the same machine. There are four separate sections to our pulp molding production line:

Pulp Making System

This is the first essential part of the pulp tray making process that involves turning waste matter into pulp. Equipment such as pumps, a hydraulic pulper, and pulp refiners are used to process the waste matter before it goes through the molding process. A pool for storing the pulp keeps the production line running smoothly.

Integrated Pulping System

Integrated Pulping System

Pulp Molding System

Pulp molding is a key part in the production line where the pulp forming machine uses forming and transfer molds to form the pulp into trays. Molding dies are used that perfectly match each other in convex and concave ways. During the pulp molding process, a vacuum pump is used for the purposes of molding, demolding, and drying. Automatic egg tray equipment makes the entire process highly effective and easy to operate.

Drying and Packing System

After demolding, the trays are sent to a cost-effective drying and packing machine for final finishing. There are several options to choose from including drying racks, packers, hot press machines, etc. or we can supply equipment tailored to the needs of the customer.

All these systems can be purchased separately or as a complete system according to your needs.

Because of the wide application possibilities of pulp molded products, our pulp molding machines, especially egg tray making machines have become highly popular with investors all over the world. Apart from highly competitive prices, our professional design team is able to offer clients the best customer service that includes assistance with a pulp tray manufacturing business plan. Our extensive experiencing in export will help you save time and money when ordering our machines.

For more information, you are invited to contact our friendly and competent team of experts who will help you find the best solution for your business requirements.