Calculating Waste Tire Recycling Plant Price

A waste tyre recycling plant is a set of machinery that processes scrap tires into fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas using pyrolysis technology. Such a plant is an amazing invention for the recycling industry, as the end products are very valuable. Furthermore, a tire to oil plant helps to contribute towards solving the problem of stacking waste tires in landfill sites around the world. If you choose the right pyrolysis plant supplier, you should be able to find a waste tire recycling plant price that is very competitive.

Waste Tire Recycling Plant Price

Waste Tire Recycling Plant Price

Calculating Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Cost

There are lots of different factors that can influence the cost of a tyre recycling plant. For starters, the quality of the components used in the machine. A plant consists of dozens of components, such as reactor, oil gas manifold, casing, oil sludge tank, oil storage tank, oil gas condenser, dedusting system, hydroseal, slag removal system and more. The quality of those parts will impact on waste tyre recycling plant price. Plants with higher quality components will typically have a longer service life and require fewer repairs; however, they are also certain to be more costly.

The size of the manufacturer’s operation can also affect tire to oil machine costs. If you buy from a large manufacturer that produces many different standard models of pyrolysis reactors, prices are likely to be more competitive. If you buy from a smaller manufacturer who makes customized machines for each client, prices are likely to be higher.

tyre pyrolysis plant

Tyre pyrolysis plant

Basic Parameters

The size and type of waste tyre recycling plant you are looking to buy will influence the project cost the most. There are three main types of plants, and they are categorized by the working method. The types are batch, semi-continuous, and fully continuous. Fully continuous automatic waste tyre recycling plants are the most expensive, but they are also the most stable and have the highest daily capacity ratings. The BLL-20 model from Beston, for example, has a daily capacity of 24 tons. Some of the other basic parameters that will influence the price of a model include service life span, cooling method, operating pressure, floor area, total power, heating materials, reactor size, reactor pattern, reactor, raw material compatibility, etc. Be sure to research a model’s detailed specifications before handing over a deposit to the supplier. After all, you want to know precisely what you are buying and that it is going to match the needs of your tire recycling business.


Overseas vendors generally tend to be the most competitive when it comes to waste tire recycling plant price. Even when currency exchange fees, international shipping fees, and import charges are taken into consideration, it’s hard to find cheaper vendors than those based in China, India, and Pakistan.

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find and compare waste tyre pyrolysis plant price from many different vendors. Be sure to check out reviews from verified previous buyers before ordering any machinery from a supplier you have not used before.

Recycling Tires with a Pyrolysis Plant

Millions of tires get worn out every week. The more people drive cars and other vehicles around the world, the more tires will wear out and need to be disposed of. Where do these products go? Unfortunately, most of them once ended up in landfills. Landfills are getting more and more full.

Today, there is a promising process that will keep these remnants out of landfills. This process is called waste tire pyrolysis. This is a recycling process that heats the rubber in the products to such a high degree in an oxygen-free unit that the rubber breaks down and can be turned into a whole new product. That new product can be fuel or material.

Tire pyrolysis machine that allow a user to feed the tires into the main compartment. The molecular process occurs where heat turns the tires into a whole new material. A special reactor compartment softens the polymers in the tire. This process is what turns the tires into something that can become an important new product like fuel oil or carbon black, a material that is used in many commercial products.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

There are two main types of tire pyrolysis plants. One is a semi-continuous plant, and another is a fully continuous pyrolysis plant.

The semi-continuous plant has an automatic feeder that takes in the tires itself. A batch system requires your workers to feed the material by hand into the reactor. Once the product is fed through the machine it ends up becoming the carbon black after the process is complete.

A fully continuous pyrolysis plant is stable. The temperature rises and the process of heating the materials happens instantly. This is done on a 360-degree rotation which allows the heating process to happen faster thereby saving energy needed to perform the is the fastest of the pyrolysis machines available on the market. Click here to know more:

As mentioned, one of the end products to come from the pyrolysis plant s something called carbon black. This is a durable, long-lasting product that can easily be repurposed in the making of other things like cable wire coatings, doormats, paints, and new tires.

Pyrolysis plants are an economical way to turn rubber tires into new products. These new products can include new fuels which can be used to power other machines and can save existing resources.

Tires will always be used as long as people continue to drive vehicles, cars, and trucks. They will always need a responsible way of being disposed of. Prior to the invention of pyrolysis plants, the disposal of tires was not contributing to a good, healthy environment. Now, with the help of these recycling machines, they can easily be broken down by a molecular process and turned into new products and fuels. Get pyrolysis equipment cost here.

Tire to Oil Machine

Tire to Oil Machine

Municipalities everywhere are realizing the cost-effective benefits of waste pyrolysis machines. These machines are available for purchase in many countries from many top manufacturers that are on the leading edge of this growing recycling method. Implement a tire pyrolysis program in your area with the purchase of a pyrolysis plant.

How To Buy A Tire To Oil Plant Online

Old tires are a big problem and they fill up the landfills and cause many problems. The tires can be a serious problem and they contribute to environmental pollution. One way to get the old tires out of the landfills is to buy a tire to oil machine for sale so you can get rid of all the waste tires. This machine allows you to quickly and easily convert old tires into oil.

Waste Tyre to Oil Plant

Beston Waste Tyre to Oil Plant for Sale

The oil can be used in a variety of situations. The oil is high quality and it can be used to run machinery and to do other things. This tire to oil machine is eco-friendly and it doesn’t produce much waste so it is good for the environment.

You can buy this machine in a variety of sizes and it will be easy to find a machine that suits your needs. The oil can be used in a variety of ways. Once you have produced the oil you can sell it. You can get the consultation directly from

People use the oil for burning and it can be refined for use in engines. Converting waste tires helps the environment and it can make you money since the cost of producing the oil is going to be very low. You can produce a lot of oil for a very affordable price.

Waste Tire to Oil Machine

Beston Waste Tire to Oil Plant for Sale

The machine can also produce carbon black that can be used as fuel or used in bricks. The oil can be further refined so it can be used in other ways. The tires can be turned into pellets and they can also be turned into cable jackets.

The plant stays cool since it has a tubular condenser. The plant can be continuously operated so you make the most money and you can get a much higher yield when the plant runs continuously. Having a plant that operates around the clock allows you to make more money and this ensures that you end up making as much as possible.

You want to make sure that you can produce as much oil as possible and the right plant allows you to do this. The casing will keep the machine warm and the manifold is used to separate the oil. This machine is easy to use and it will help you produce a huge amount of oil. You can sell the oil and make a lot of money.

The oil that is produced is high-quality. The waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale operates efficiently and you can save money when you run it since it doesn’t use so much energy. The oil can be used in a variety of ways and it will help ensure that you get a good return on your investment. You can make more money when you use this machine and it is a great investment.

The tire to oil plant can help you produce a lot of oil and it helps get the old tires out of the environment. This machine will help you be more efficient and it is just what you need when you want to improve the environment and make money.

Comparing Scrap Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers To Start A Recycling Business

When many people think about disposing of scrape tyres, they think of incineration plants instead of scrap tyre pyrolysis plant. However, one of the most profitable ways to dispose of waste tyres is through the pyrolysis process. The best tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers produce fully automatic, no pollution machinery that uses the lastest pyrolysis technology to convert waste into carbon black, tyre oil and steel wire.

Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Tyre oil can be used as fuel oil in a wide range of industries, such as boiler factories, steel refineries, chemical plants, power plants, ceramics, restaurants and more. Carbon black can be mixed with clay to manufacture construction bricks and it can also be used as fuel. Steel wire is turned into many different steel products, including bars, rods, beams and more. During the pyrolysis process, waste tyres also produce combustible gas, which can be fed back to the main reactor in the plant where it can act as fuel and reduce the running costs.

There are many core differences between a batch plant and a fully automatic tyre recycling plant for sale. Plants with continuous systems have automatic feeding and discharge systems into and out of the reactor. While a scrap tyre pyrolysis plant with a batching system requires manual feeding and discharging of waste tyres and end products from the machinery. A continuous system also has a smaller feeding hole, so the tyres need to be pre-shredded into smaller pieces before processing. A batching system does not require a shredder or pretreatment device. The main advantage of a continuous system is that it can operate non-stop around the clock, while a batching system requires reactor cool down times between batches.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant with Reasonable Price

Benefits Of Fully Automatic Scrap Tyre Pyrolysis Plants

1. Very low labors costs. Top-rated automatic scrap tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers sell plants that only require two workers for operation. Automatic feeding and discharge systems really help recycling facilities to save on workforce costs.

2. High tyre oil output. Fully automatic pyrolysis plants employ a multi reactor design, which ensures full pyrolysis of tyres and consequently very high oil output.

3. Large capacity. Due to the continuous auto feeding and discharge system, and efficient multi-reactor design, these types of pyrolysis plants can processes up to 100 tons a day.

4. Long lifespan. Since the pyrolysis process is continuous within these scrap tyre pyrolysis plants, the reactor heating is done via indirect hot air, which means less damage to the main parts. Furthermore, since the tyres are shredded into small pieces before entering the reactor, all the hard steel wire in the tyres, which could damage the reactor over time, is already removed.

Choosing the right type of scrap tyre pyrolysis plant to start a recycling business is essential. You need to know the average daily processing needs of your planned facility before you begin comparing different reactor models. Hopefully, the information presented above helped you to see some of the benefits of choosing a fully automatic, no pollution, continuous pyrolysis machine. Many people will choose this machine from BestonGroup.ID. Of course, if you plan to run a business with small-scale operational needs, a plant with a batching system might be more appropriate.

How Biochar Equipment Can Help Produce Charcoal And Save The Planet

If you’ve been paying attention the past decade or so, you already know that there is too much carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide, entering the atmosphere every single day. It comes from a variety of sources but the most worrisome is when it comes from burning fossil fuels. When regular wood in burned, it gives up the same amount of carbon dioxide that went into its creation. And when the tree regrows, it reabsorbs that same amount of carbon again, a continuous cycle. But when oil or gas from 100 million years ago is pumped out of the ground and burned, that’s adding extra carbon back into the ecosystem that’s been sequestered for hundreds of millions of years. One way to combat this problem is to turn biomass, which is any organic material into biochar, and then till that back into the soil. Here are some of the advantages that can be gained by doing that, and how biochar machine can help.

Biochar Production Equipment for Sale

Biochar Equipment for Sale

Biochar Produced By Biochar Machine Is Useful Without Pollution

There is a lot of talk about taking carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and figuring out a way to pump it underground and save it, and the planet. Obviously that’s a very difficult way to accomplish something that plants do, every minute of every day, on their own. The problem is, when a plant dies, whether it rots or burns, that same carbon dioxide is released back into the air.

What is needed then, is a way to take those plants and keep them from burning or rotting so the carbon in them can be saved. The absolute best way to do that is with biochar equipment. What biochar equipment can do is take tons of organic material and bake it anaerobically, without oxygen present, so that it doesn’t burn. This makes it into charcoal. Review to know how to carbonize biomass waste.

Biochar Making Machine

Biochar Making Machine for Sale

There Are Several Types Of Charcoal Produced By Biochar Equipment

Charcoal has been made by humans for thousands of years. It was originally made by chopping lots of wood and brush down, piling it up and covering it with wet leaves and then lots of dirt. The pile was then lit on fire and left to smolder without enough oxygen to burn completely. This made charcoal, easy to light, burns hot and fairly clean.

Biochar, on the other hand, is made in a similar manner but in a special reactor chamber at higher temperatures. After that, it really doesn’t burn very well, but it is an excellent absorbent of water and other liquids. It also makes a very good soil amendment by holding water and minerals close to the surface for plants to use. One special note, biochar can last in the soil for several hundred years before being completely depleted.

This property alone makes it a perfect carbon sink, a way to sequester carbon that was in the atmosphere and blend it into the soil where it will take up to one thousand years to finally leach back into the air.

The best alternative to recycling waste from the air is to use carbonization machine to turn millions of tons of organic waste into biochar and mix it into the soil.

If humans want to save the planet, we’ll need to start pulling some of the millions of tons of carbon out of the atmosphere. What better way to do it than let the plants do it for us, then we can turn the biomass into biochar and let farmers till it into the soil where it helps their crops grow better.

Looking for Great Tyre Recycling Plant For Sale

For those thinking about investing in a brand-new tire recycling machine, it may be time to choose a solution that is well-designed and is put up for an affordable price. This is an important investment and should be made with a lot of care. With so many details to think about, it is best to buy from a seller that is well-acclaimed and will be able to offer a solution that is worthwhile. This is one of the biggest investments a person makes and it has to be spot on for maximum returns.

Tire Recycling Machine to South Africa

Tire Recycling Machine to South Africa

Here’s what this tyre recycling plant for sale is all about.


To get through a large batch of tyres, most people are going to want a plant that is able to process items as quickly as possible. If you are hoping to get things into place quickly then this has to be right at the top of your list.

Safe to Use

This has been tested for years by some of the best professionals in the world indicating the type of quality you are after. Anyone that is serious about a tyre recycling plant will want to look into what this one has to offer. It is the real deal. Beston Machinery is a qualified waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier, which always put the safety first.


The main part for the tyre recycling plant is the pyrolysis equipment. The power that is being put out is essential over the grand scheme of things and has to be consistent. If the tyres are going to be recycled in a consistent manner then it is best to consider this plant before anything else.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Jordan

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Jordan


This recycling plant has been certified for use and is well-acclaimed for working well under duress. Anyone that is hoping to find a high-grade plant that is going to work well for as long as it is used will want to consider this option. It’s among the best that is on offer and it comes at a good price.


What is the one thing people covet when they start looking at the different options on the open market? They want a solution that is going to be durable and will be able to withstand whatever is thrown its way. This does a great job in staying durable.

Easy to Set Up

Don’t want to wait around to set things up and want this to settle in right away? This tyre recycling plant is great for many reasons and one of them has to do with the set up process. It doesn’t take long at all.

Easy to Operate

Easy operation will save your labor force cost. Also, it is more effective. Here is a working process video made by Beston Machinery, which aims to design and manufacture municipal waste recycling plant. It will help you understand the tyre recycling plant easily.


Those with a budget will know how important it is to find a cost-efficient tyre recycling plant for sale. This option is going to be right in line with your budget and will work well over the long-term.

Look at this tyre recycling plant for sale and make sure it is a part of your setup as soon as possible. It is an investment that is going to be worth it and will provide tremendous returns over the long haul. It’s smart to look into this and understand the benefits that are on offer. More information can be found from Beston’s Linkedin or Twitter.

How To Choose The Best Solid Waste Separation Equipment

Garbage sorting is a very important thing. This is the only way recycled waste can be turned into something useful. Unfortunately, end consumers don’t always sort their waste as they should, so there has to be someone else doing it. This is the role of waste management systems. This article shares a few tips to help you choose the best solid waste separation equipment to suit your needs.

The first thing to consider is the safety function. These machines need to offer workers protection against injuries or bacterial infections. This means they have to feature a sealed operation process, in order to prevent smells and pathogens from spreading. In addition, they need to have an evenly distributing belt. This is how solid waste that comes in various shapes and sizes can get transported safely and effectively from one stage of the recycling process to the other.

Solid Waste Separation Machine

Automatic Waste Separation Equipment

All solid waste separation equipment needs to be environment-friendly. This makes effective deodorization systems an absolute must. Such systems reduce odors, thus protecting both the environment and the health of the workers. Never purchase equipment that doesn’t offer this kind of protection, as you’ll surely going to have lots of problems by the time you’ll want to operate it. People living in that area and environment activists may sue you.

The capacity of the plant is another thing to consider when comparing your available options. The capacity is defined in tons per hour. You can determine it by evaluating the waste volume you intend to process on a daily basis and the number of hours of operation. As a general rule, this equipment can work for maximum of 20 hours a day.

Garbage Separation Machine

Garbage Sorting System

The available space may also dictate your choice of garbage separation system. Always check the area needed for installing and operating these machines. Always buy your equipment only after you decide where you’re going to install it so that you can avoid such issues.

There are four main types of solid waste: metal, plastic, organic matters, and constructions materials. Before starting to search for the right equipment, you have to know what you’re going to use it for. Ideally, your plant should be able to sort all types of solid waste, so make sure that you keep this in mind when you make your final decision. For instance, sorting metal waste is very easy to perform with powerful magnets that pick metal scraps and remove them from the waste mass. The weight sorting method will allow you to separate plastic, which is light, from all other materials. The same method will enable you to sort organic matters, which are rather heavy.

As such devices aren’t cheap, it makes sense to ask for quotes from different manufacturers before making a purchase. Always seek for three or four quotes, compare them side by side, and remember to take into account all added services these providers may be willing to offer. Sometimes, better customer services, longer warranty, faster installation time, or operator training are worth paying a higher price for your equipment.

Relevant website for your reference: WWW.BESTONSORTINGMACHINE.COM/.

Finding Affordable Trash Recycling Plant For Sale

If you’re interested in purchasing trash recycling plant, you’ll want to be sure that you get the equipment that you want at a fair price. You should absolutely make sure you buy high-quality equipment, but you should also seek out bargains. How can you find the solid waste recycling plant you want for less? All you have to do is follow this advice.

Waste Recycling Machine for Sale

Beston Waste Recycling Machine for Sale

Shop Online for Trash Recycling Plant

Many people wind up spending more money than they have to on these types of purchases because they never bother to look at their options. If you’re hoping to get a great deal, you’ll want to look at a number of vendors to see what their rates are like. There is a manufacturer which is worthy of your investment. It is Beston Henan Machinery.

Compare your different options so that you can find out where the bargains are. When you’re looking at different vendors, you should also be sure that you’re taking extra charges into account, such as what you’ll be spending on shipping.

Buy Advanced Trash Recycling Equipment

If you’re trying to be environmentally friendly, why not buy equipment that’s been lightly used? A lot of the used equipment that’s on the market is still in like-new condition. If you do choose to buy used equipment, you’ll be able to protect the environment and get lower prices at the same time.

Beston Waste Recycling Plant Classifying Different Waste

Beston Waste Recycling Plant Classifying Different Waste

Buying used equipment isn’t the right choice for everyone, but it’s not an option that you should take off the table. Find out if you can get the equipment that you want to buy used. See how much that would cost you. From there, you can figure out how you’d like to proceed.

Try Negotiating With Vendors

Have you ever tried haggling with a supplier that sells this kind of equipment? If you haven’t, you might want to give it a try. If you’re making a large purchase like this, there’s a very good chance that vendors will be willing to make you offers.

If you don’t ask for a better deal, then you might not be able to get one. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let vendors know if you want them to lower your prices. The worst-case scenario is that the vendor will say no.

Watch Out For Sales

If you’re sure that you want to buy new equipment, but you would still like a better deal, you should see if you can get any of the equipment that you want when it’s on sale. Vendors have sales all the time. If you’re able to take advantage of these sales, you can enjoy a lot of savings. You can visit to consult.

Waiting for a sale won’t be an option if you need to make a purchase like this immediately. However, if you’re willing to show some patience, you might be able to get the bargain you’re interested in.

If you’re hoping to find affordable trash recycling plant for sale, these suggestions should help you to find what you’re looking for. Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton of money when you’re buying equipment of this nature. There are definitely a lot of low-cost options out there.

Is it Worth Considering A Tyre Recycling Plant for Business

The tyre recycling plant plays an important part in reusing waste tyres. An ideal report on this recycling project will give you a fair idea on how to use worn out tyres to clean the environment and earn money in the process. A lot of businesses have already installed this equipment and are making substantial profits on their investment. All it takes is a little bit of investment and hard work on your part to start this tyre recycling plant. You don’t have to worry about raw materials for the process. Waste, worn out tyres and rubbers are readily available. By tapping these wastes, you can start the tyre recycling machine within a matter of a few days.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Uganda

Tire Recycling Process

Before you head out to buy the plant, let’s get familiar with the process of tyre recycling. First of all, waste rubber and tyres are brought to the recycling or pyrolysis plant. Since all these wastes are in wet condition, they’re passed through the drying system. The moisture content in the materials hampers the pyrolysis process. To do away with this issue, the materials are dried.

After drying, the materials are channelized into the pyrolysis furnace. It’s here the actual process takes place. The furnace is heated to a very high temperature. At a high-temperature rubber and waste tyres decompose to generate other products.

Unique Design of Tyre Recycling Equipment from Beston

In order to ascertain profitability for each type of client, Beston, as a top tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer, has presented two types of pyrolysis reactors with exclusive operating structures. The first type of reactor comes with a fixed furnace, whereas the other one includes a rotating furnace. Let’s check each of these reactors briefly.

Rotary pyrolysis reactor

The rotary reactor needs very little space for operation. Moreover, it rotates 360 degrees to distribute uniform heat, thus enhancing the efficiency of the pyrolysis process. Also, uniform heating extend the life expectancy of the machine. Finally, a rotary reactor has a powerful adaption and features a simple structure. That’s why it’s ideal for small scale businesses.

Rotary Pyrolysis Reactor

Rotary Pyrolysis Reactor

Fixed pyrolysis reactor

The fixed reactor keeps running 24 hours. As such, it’s also known as a completely continuous plant. The plant works much more efficiently and supports heat energy on itself, thus minimizing energy consumption as well as cost. It’s mostly suited to large scale businesses.

Now that you’re acquainted with the tyre recycling process, you may want to know whether the plant is worth investment. For that, you ought to review the perks and benefits demonstrated by the plant in accordance with the below parameters.

Cheap raw materials

One big problem associated with heavy duty plants is the constant feeding of raw materials. An uninterrupted flow of materials in the production process warrants a big investment. However, the waste tire recycling equipment consumes cheap raw materials such as rubber and tyre wastes. These materials are readily available out there. Consequently, your ongoing investment in raw materials is less.

Less space

Any heavy duty machine needs substantial space for operation. Investing in a big shed can increase your investment to a great extent. However, the tire recycling machine takes up little space. Also, storing materials and finished products warrant less space. You can start the whole recycling project in a small factory shed without worrying about too much investment.

Rich useful final products

The pyrolysis plant can generate steel wire, fuel oil, carbon black, and gas. All such products have higher commercial values and usage in various markets. For example, gas and fuel oil can be used for powering factories and plants. Carbon black can be transformed into carbon blocks that can be used at construction sites. Steel wire, being widely used, can fetch you big money.

Minimal care and attention

Looking after a heavy duty machine is important to spot any fault in the production process. For that, you need to employ technicians. Also, the parts of the machine should be replaced. All these things can affect your working capital and cost. However, Beston Machinery’s tyre to oil plant needs minimum care and upkeep. Once installed, the machine and its components work effectively without posing any problem.

Final Words

The tyre recycling plant from Beston Machinery is a highly recommendable machine for using waste tyres and rubbers. Low investment, low maintenance, enhanced safety, and better profitability are the wonderful benefits of buying this innovative recycling plant. Considering the cost-benefit ratio, the machine is definitely worth installing for its varied benefits.

More Details About Egg Tray Machine Price


The egg tray machine is one of the reference thing investors will like to look at before they buy the machine. To most of them, this will help them in making major decisions concerning their investment. Over many centuries now Beston Company has been the leading egg tray producers in various
countries. The company is based in China but it is able to provide the best deals concerning the egg tray machine price to their customers.

In most cases, the egg tray machine in most places is low because there is the availability of raw materials and cheap labor. It is from this that the Beston Company has set the machine to be lower so that most prospective customers can afford it. The low price does not mean that the quality of the output is low, no. The quality of the machine is high because the company has installed it with modern technology.

Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Factors that determine the price of the egg tray machine

The shipping expenses

Whenever you buy the machine you need to look at where the company is, do they offer free shipping or you are supposed to pay for it. The free shipping will help in saving the money you use in buying the egg tray making machine. With Beston, they have shipping professional and experience and I am sure that your purchase with them will be pleasant.

The type of egg tray making machine you want

There are various types of tray machine and the price varies from one to another. For instance, the price of a lesser egg tray making machine is lower when compared to that of mini- automatic making machine and the automatic one. You need to look at the project you have before you buy it. If for example you have a long term project and you will like many trays then it will be ideal if you will prefer that of automatic type.

The measure and egg making machine

Scale here is to spell out the amount of patterns that you will need your tray to have. This is one of the first things that determine the price of the machine. Beston has got around 10 various models in which the customer can choose from. Some of the models include

·1 sided tray type of machine

·4 sided egg tray machine

·8 sided egg tray type of machine

·12 sided tray making machine

This is the major molds and the price of each of them is based on the molds it is able to make. If you will compare you will find out that the price of 12 sided tray type is somehow higher when compared to that of 8,4 and one-sided tray. With it, it has got a greater and effective output and hence the price is somehow higher. As a have said you need to know or understand the need for your project and the effectiveness you want from the machine before you buy it.


paper egg trays

The mechanization and machine price

Other than the size of the machine, the automation of the machine also plays a great role in the machine price. To be honest, the machine that uses or has got a higher automatic system will have a higher price compared to that does not have it. The advantage of this automatic egg tray is that its output is effective and it is able to cut the cost that might be used in terms of labor and maintenance. The point here is that the technology that has been installed with a self-program that is able to monitor the working process.

Scheme and machine price

The design of the machine is also crucial. This is because it is able to affect the molds that are made. There are those that are able to make different pulps trays like apple trays, egg trays among others.Due to the various technologies that have been applied to the various designs, the price of them will vary from one another.


The price of the machine depends on various factors. It is from these factors that determine the price of it. With Beston, you are assured of an automatic egg tray making machine that has got a higher working rate. Its output will also be of high quality. Before you buy the machine always consider these factors and try to determine whether it will meet your needs.